14" Blue Carbon Ultra-Cooling Temper Foam Mattress

Save $901.00

Our UltraCool Hybrid Mattress is the coolest mattress available, pun intended. It's no joke. It's rated at 20x the cooling ability of gel memory foam. The phase change material actually pulls the heat away from your body, keeping an optimal body temperature range of 87 to 91 degrees.

It's twice as good as other mattresses that are double the price. Save up to 50% over A M A Z O N's prices!

  • Phase Change Material - Micro-encapsulated has change material will adapt to changes in temperature and maintain an optimal 81 to 97 degrees
  • Graphite Conduction - Graphite has excellent heat transfer properties. The tiny graphite molecules that are infused in the top 3 inches of temper foam create little pathways that move heat away from your body.
  • Luxurious Temper Foam - Gel-infused temper foam that is designed not only to provide fantastic support but to contour and cradle the natural curves of your body, all while properly aligning the spine.
  • Double Jacquard Cover - a stylish and comfortable high-quality cover that creates an air layer, furthering the cooling abilities of the mattress.
  • 10 Year NonProrated Warranty - Full Replacement
  • Made in the USA
  • 365-Night Better Sleep Guarantee* with the purchase and use of our mattress protector

*See terms and conditions for details