100% Belgian Lambswool Light Comforter


Softer, airier, like a dream — our Washable Wool Light Comforter is even fluffier and has even more loft than its big brother. With higher thread count for a luxurious hand and less fill power for a lighter weight.

We could sing the praises of washable wool all day: it’s hypoallergenic (allergy sufferers, rejoice!), moisture-wicking (no more night sweats), and antimicrobial (down with microorganisms). There’s no better way to experience the luxuriously healthful benefits of wool than in our Washable Wool Light Comforter. A delicious top layer for your bedding. Spend one night underneath and we think you’ll agree!

Clean, minimalistic style on its own. Add a duvet cover to customize for your own decor.

Arrives oversized. Shrink to fit in one or two wash cycles.